SC Pulls up Centre and Delhi Govt, Says It's 'Emergency-Like' Situation

Maharashtra moves to protect its farmers from suffering losses due to rigged

Maharashtra moves to protect its farmers from suffering losses due to rigged we... Mumbai

"By taking a minimum conservative estimate, at least 25 lakh two wheeler owners will have to use other modes of public transport on a particular day. the government will require at least 2500 extra buses for successful implementation of Odd-Even Scheme (sic.)", the petition read. But the party's proposal exempted women and two wheelers from the scheme, to which the NGT did not agree.

With the government failing to submit a proper plan to reduce the increasing pollution in Delhi, the NGT, early on Monday, hit out at the AAP government - saying, "Whether the Delhi government was only informing the media about a review petition on the Odd-Even scheme since no review petition has been filed as yet".

"The Supreme Court today agreed to hear a petition filed by advocate RK Kapoor which seeks immediate measures to check the rising pollution in Delhi and it's surrounding areas, which has become an global headline for a week now", reports said. "It has already been chose to file a review petition and it will be done", he said.

The minister also informed that Supreme Court is hearing the matter as well, and hence hence the government is waiting for decision of both the courts'.

The Arvind Kejriwal-led government had scrapped its plan to implement the scheme from November 13-17 after the NGT on Saturday said there would be no exemption for women, two-wheelers and government servants.ANI reported that 69 trains were delayed, 22 rescheduled and 8 cancelled due to the smog , As Reported By IE. At the same time, the government reopened them when the air quality index is the same when it was at the time of shutting schools. Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia's media advisor Arunodoy Prakash said that Delhi's present public transport system can not bear the gargantuan load of additional commuters that lack of exemption to two-wheelers would cause.

Speaking to Firstpost regarding the matter, AAP MLA Anil Bajpai said, "We can not compromise on the issue of women's safety".

The AAP had alleged that the subtle burning in Punjab and Haryana, was the main cause of the rising pollution in Delhi. "If odd even is allowed without any exemption, than women's safety might be at risk".

Meanwhile, different political parties are lashing out at the Aam Aadmi party for not being able to curb the critical health emergency in the national capital.

"The state government still went ahead with the scheme, even though their own Delhi Pollution Board said it was not effective, and in fact, worsened the situation in phase-1 and phase-2".

Thus, the AAP government, which was supposed to implement the scheme by allowing vehicles with registration number ending with an even number on roads on even dates while those ending with an odd number on odd dates beginning from Monday to Friday (November 13-November 17) for a period of five days, has chose to cancel its plan for the time being.

Incidentally, implementing odd-even is probably the only option left with the Delhi's AAP government to control the severe air pollution.

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