SHINee's Minho meets First Lady Melania Trump for '2018 Winter Olympics' event

US President Donald Trump arrived in Beijing Wednesday for the critical leg of his Asia tour to drum up an uncompromising global front against the nuclear weapons ambitions of the cruel dictatorship in North Korea. Reuters file

SHINee's Minho meets First Lady Melania Trump for '2018 Winter Olympics' event

US President Donald Trump is now on a tour of five Asian countries.

Delpozo Creative Director Josep Font praised Melania when she previously wore the Spanish fashion house's "It" dress of the season.

U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania share a toast during a state dinner hosted by South Korea's President Moon Jae-in.

"While first ladies typically use fashion to support American or emerging designers on trips overseas, it looks like Melania goes for her own preferences such as European brands", said Park Young-sil, a brand image strategist, giving an example of Trump's choice of Italian fashion powerhouse Fendi during her visit to Japan earlier this week. 'Some girls want to become Olympians and many girls simply want to be active and enjoy sport for the fun of it.

Mrs. Trump appeared to take it all in stride, and visibly cracked up at the girl's starstuck reaction to Minho.

The fall-esque outfit featured a zipper and thin belt, which altogether retails for $4,000.

Japan was the first stop on their 12-day tour of Asia.

US first lady Melania Trump and her South Korean counterpart Kim Jung-sook walk to meet their countries' children at the presidential Blue House in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017.

"Mrs. Trump always wants to be thoughtful and respect the traditions and protocols of the countries she visits", she added.

Donald Trump and Melania land in Beijing. Uncharacteristically, she wore her hair in an up-do.

When the Trumps visited storm-ravaged Texas in August, Melania Trump was photographed walking in stiletto pumps, part of an outfit including tailored capri trousers and aviator sunglasses. She has also been an ardent participant in the weekly Wednesday demonstrations for comfort women victims, held in front of the Japanese Embassy in central Seoul.

Luckily, the First Lady handled it with grace, and just laughed and tapped Minho on the arm.

"I look forward to continuing this friendship and extend my continued support to the people of the Republic of Korea", said Melania Trump.

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