Some iPhone Xs suffering from screen freezing, others green lines

In order to install iOS 11.1.1, users could follow the path - Settings General Software Update - reports TechCrunch. Prior to the speaker problems, the most recent issue was the prominent green line which appeared on the side of the display.

Some users have reported seeing a green line showing up on the left or right side of the iPhone X's display. One user reported noticing a crackling when playing something at "near max volume or when putting people on speakerphone". However, in both cases, the iPhone X users reported that simply locking and unlocking the phone solves the issue.

Apple says it is aware of reports of the screen becoming temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment.

While it seems like it is on top of the temperature related screen freezing problem, Apple hasn't yet had anything official to say in relation to complaints about the vertical green line issue some customers are also reporting. "After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again", Apple said in a statement to USA TODAY Friday. It reportedly won't go away even after several restart attempts.

Some social media users complained that the iPhone X's screen would become unresponsive or inaccurate in the cold unless they locked and unlocked the phone. Luckily, Apple do offer great support, and if you are experiencing the green line issue, or the sound issues, you can more than likely head on over to an Apple store and get a replacement free-of-charge. It's unclear at the moment whether or not this can be fixed with a firmware update, or if Apple will have to make some hardware changes on the iPhone X to prevent this happening with future devices. The issue was noted a little while after the iPhone X was purchased and not right out of the box.

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