The Lotus Exige Cup 430 Adds Even More Power to Extreme Lightness

The Lotus Exige Cup 430 Adds Even More Power to Extreme Lightness

The Lotus Exige Cup 430 Adds Even More Power to Extreme Lightness

The best part is, unlike the Cup 380 - which was limited to 60 units - Lotus won't be putting a cap on 430 production. While the new coupe Lotus Exige Cup 430 "shod" in the wheels dimension 17 inch front and 18 inch rear combine tires with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. 0-62 miles per hour takes 3.2 seconds, making it 0.2 seconds faster than the Cup 380 before it. Unsurprisingly, the Lotus Exige Cup 380 has had a weight reduction.

Once upon a time there was the humble 350hp Lotus Exige Cup, a auto unsurprisingly very well received on PistonHeads. There's 2.5kg taken from the interior (including lighter seat runners even) 6.8kg from the carbon composite body panels, 10kg from the titanium exhaust, a new seatbelt anchorage frame takes 1.2kg, and that new diffuser saves another precious kilogram. Spec the auto with further weight-saving options, and that figure goes down to 1,056 kg. As the name implies, there's a healthy boost of power included - motivation comes from the same supercharged 3.5-liter Toyota V6 used inside the Exige 380, but with a jump from 380 horsepower (283 kilowatts) up to 430 horsepower (320 kilowatts). A motorsport-derived rear wing increases downforce without impacting the car's overall drag coefficient, according to the automaker.

"This is the vehicle that we have always wanted to build, and I am sure that all Lotus enthusiasts will be delighted with the end product", said CEO Jean-Marc Gales. Thanks to these two factors plus the extra power, the 430 is fastest production vehicle to ever lap the Hethel test track. The Cup 430 also includes a steel roll-over bar, new seatbelt anchorage frame and a front towing eye as standard.

"This vehicle has no rivals - inside or outside of its price bracket - and it's no exaggeration when we say that nothing can keep up with this Exige on the road or track".

Prices for the Lotus Exige Cup 430 begin at £99,800 and is available to order now, although delivery dates have yet to be confirmed.

Prices will start at £99,800 (RM549,910) in the United Kingdom and €127,500 (RM622,387) in Europe, depending on the individual country's Value Added Tax system.

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