Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel into bank

Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel into bank

Thieves dig 25-foot tunnel into bank

Mumbai: According to the recent reports, unidentified Robbers on Monday in Navi Mumbai have dug up a 25-foot tunnel into Bank of Baroda, had fled away with Rs 1 crore in cash along with other valuables from at least 30 lockers from the Juinagar Branch.

Bank officials called the locker owners to the bank, and the police have been recording their statements. Of the 224 lockers in the bank, 30 were found broken.

The masterminds of the operation had rented a grocery store three shops next to the bank in June this year.

The burglars broke into 30 of the 225 lockers.

Tushar Doshi, deputy commissioner of police (crime), said, "It is impossible to dig a tunnel that ends exactly under the locker room without having an idea about the bank's structure". They dug an underground tunnel from the shop. After that a horizontal tunnel of around 30 feet with a height of around four and half feet was dug till the bank locker room which was linked to another tunnel going up. "We have got clues about the accused and our teams are working on them", Assistant police inspector (Turbhe division) Mr. Kiran Patil said.

The bank has closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, but none inside the locker room.

The tenant has been missing ever since the incident came to light, police said, adding that in such cases, people give out fake names and identity proofs. It's an open secret that private banks usually demand heavy investments by customers (usually as fixed deposits or mutual funds) in exchange of pushing their names up in the "waiting list". "Even though the exact valuation of the looted items is yet to be ascertained, it appears that valuables worth Rs 40 lakh have been stolen", an official said.

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