This year, you can stuff your face while wearing stuffing trousers

Stove Top Stuffing pants

Stove Top Stuffing pants

But I can count on zero hands the number of times I wanted to wear my stuffing-love on my sleeve.

Stove Top unveiled on Monday its solution to providing people with an easier way to enjoy more of their Thanksgiving dinner through its "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants".

Stove Top Stuffing rolled out a new look for Thanksgiving. "This is the stuff Thanksgiving is made of and the flawless way to enjoy Thanksgiving in comfort and style", the company's ad says. They feature stuffing-print pockets and an extra-long stretchy waistband in stuffing print. Rather than just unbutton them, or put on sweatpants, why not order a campy stuffing-themed pair of Stove Top trousers, featuring a "non-patented stuffin"-stretch waistband' that can expand to twice its normal size?"

They cost $20 and Stove Top is donating $10,000 proceeds to feeding America.

Stove Top, a popular stuffing brand by Kraft, is selling "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants" to make Thanksgiving dinner a more comfortable experience.

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