US Democratic Voters Question Whether Clinton Won Party Nomination Fairly

Brazile faced questions from co-host Meghan Mc Cain about financing for research that made up the dossier

Brazile faced questions from co-host Meghan Mc Cain about financing for research that made up the dossier

She has been called a "liar", "kook", "traitor" and worse. In fact, Brazile went so far as to say that she didn't really write any such thing and that her book only appears to allege that the primary was rigged "if you read the excerpt without the context".

Clinton's campaign had effectively taken control of the Democratic National Committee, pulling the strings at the DNC for nearly a year before she was the official party nominee, Brazile wrote.

WASHINGTON ― On Fox News, where it sometimes seems like the 2016 campaign never ended, former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile's allegation that the party tilted its nominating process in favor of Hillary Clinton received hours of coverage.

Brazile made a similar argument last week when she accused President Trump of misrepresenting her words.

In truth, ABC, NBC and CBS, as well as CNN and MSNBC, all covered Brazile's revelations, and several of the networks featured interviews with her.

Moreover, Brazile's accusations should be of special interest to those Democrats who supported - or even contributed money to - candidates not named "Hillary". "From the moment I walked in the door of the DNC a month earlier I had my suspicions, based on the leaked emails".

When she was at the DNC and she was told that she had to clear every decision with the Clinton campaign in Brooklyn, Brazile angrily declared that she wasn't "Patsey the slave". The former secretary of state cut a deal to retire the organization's debts in 2015 and "put it on a starvation diet", Brazile wrote.

GEIST: But you said proof of it being rigged in the piece, no?

Like generals who keep refighting old wars on new battlefields, Democrats are still arguing over whether the 2016 primaries were "rigged" against Sanders, nominee Clinton's strongest rival.

"Fox & Friends" unveiled a curious new spin in the ever-unfolding drama of Donna Brazile's book tour, with the show co-hosts and guest Kayleigh Mcenany blasting the mainstream media for downplaying Brazile and her explosive allegations. Brazile initially rejected the idea that she gave Clinton's team any aid.

GEIST: Was it a fair fight, yes or no?

It was a cult, I felt like it was a cult. She couldn't rig the primary.

"Sanders and the energy he undoubtedly would (and did) bring into the party", Matt Taibbi wrote in Rolling Stone, "rather than scheme to lock him and others out?" She is now trying to make the more nuanced argument that Clinton exerted too much power but did win the nomination fairly.

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