Venus-Jupiter conjunction: How and where to watch the planetary event

Its not war of the worlds but a rare celestial phenomena that is going to happen which will be visible from the comforts of our home.

To see the bright planets you'll need to wake up early, at least an hour before dawn, Monday morning.

The press service of Roskosmos said that on the morning of 13 November, the Russians will be able to observe the convergence of Venus and Jupiter. Even after and before the conjunction the two planets will remain in close proximity of each other. This week, another conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is occurring and is visible to much of planet Earth to the east just before sunrise.

About an hour before sunrise on Monday morning, Venus and Jupiter will rise as one, in a spectacle that will amaze stargazers. Both amateur and professional astronomers are standing on their heels to witness the event. From the western U.S., when they rise, the gap between the planets will have widened slightly, to 21 arc minutes (0.35 degrees), the online portal Space reports. defines the conjunctions as "the close approach of two or more solar system bodies or a close approach of a single solar system body with another object in the sky".

The two brighest planets are coming together.

. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have released videos of how to see it.

In the United Kingdom, the best viewing time will be 40 minutes before sunrise. The two planets will be positioned right next to each other in the sky, with Jupiter sitting slightly higher up than Venus. It will be best viewed with naked eye.

No matter where you are, experts recommend travelling to a rural location away from any light pollution.

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