Woman angered by politician's sexist meme beats him in local election

Thousands Attend Women's March On Washington

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After New Jersey Freeholder John Carman shared a meme in January mocking the Women's March and asking if its participants would be home in time to make dinner, dozens of women showed up at his office while brandishing convenience foods and takeout menus.

Carman hit back at criticism by claiming women he knew were "strong and confident" and not affected by the sexist nature of the meme, but he did admit it was a poor choice of post and apologised.

Ashley Bennett was the victor in Tuesday's election for Freeholder in District 3 of Atlantic County, NJ against John Carman. According the Women's March organization, Bennett came to an Atlantic County Freeholder's meeting to protest Carman, and ended up deciding to run for his seat as well.

Following the backlash, Carman tried to walk back the meme with equally condescending remarks, implying that those who were offended by his "joke" that a woman's place is in the kitchen and not marching on the streets against men like him were humorless - as if feminists don't hear that all the time. But when a local politician made a sexist joke, she chose to try to unseat him.

Bennett, a first-time politician who ran as a Democrat, beat Carman by almost 1,000 votes out of some 14,000 cast in the race, the Inquirer reported.

This isn't the first time that Carman has made headlines for controversial behavior; in October, he was criticized for sporting a motorcycle jacket with a patch that had a Confederate flag on it. "I never imaged I would run for office". She said of her victory, "People want change".

Yesterday's election results were a warning to a lot of politicians (Republicans and Trump acolytes), but they sent a very clear message to one person in particular about doubling down on sexist politics: don't. I am beyond speechless and incredibly grateful to serve my community. The 58-year-old Carman apologized to anyone who felt offended.

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