You Did It: Sydney's Newest Ferry Is Honest-To-God Named Ferry McFerryface

Supplied                       Oh boy it's happened again

Supplied Oh boy it's happened again

Only a day after it was announced a new Sydney ferry would be named "Ferry McFerryFace" an industry source from the Maritime Union of Australia has told BuzzFeed News staff will refuse to work on any vessel with that name.

The new inner harbour ferries are being delivered as part of the NSW Government's plan to modernise and expand Sydney's ferry network.

Sydney residents have been encouraged for the past year to name the six new ferries through the Name Your Ferry website and more than 15,000 responded.

They certainly weren't expecting that they would have to name the new vessel something ludicrous like Ferry McFerryface.

Mr Constance said he hoped that Sydney harbour's "newest icon" would be popular with locals and visitors.

Most people voted to name the ship Boaty McBoatface, the "SpongeBob Squarepants"-inspired name British citizens chose for a research ship in 2016".

In the United Kingdom where the public voted for Boaty McBoatface, the Natural Environment Research Council decided not to use the name and instead chose "Sir David Attenborough".

Three of the other ferries have already been named.

The original Boaty McBoatface vote ended with the vessel being named RSS Sir David Attenborough, with a smaller submersible taking the title. Since then, an express train in Sweden was reportedly named Trainy McTrainface and a racehorse in Sydney was named Horsey McHorseface previous year.

And yes, it's likely you'll be able to check into "Ferry McFerryface" on Facebook, so that everyone knows you're on board the ocean boat.

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