Cheese Tied to Lower Heart Disease Risk

Foods to keep your heart healthy

People who eat cheese every day could be less likely to have a heart attack

Cheese is known to contain high levels of calcium, which means that although it is high in fat, less of that fat is absorbed by the body.

The research conducted by Chinese University, Soochow, revealed that people who eat 40 grams of cheese a day have less chance of developing certain heart diseases.

Their summary is: "Regular consumption of 40 grams of cheese reduces the risk of diseases of vessels and heart by 14 percent, stroke by 10 percent". Participants eating around one-and-a-half ounces a day saw the greatest reduction in risk to their health.

Cheese also helps to improve the good cholesterol that helps to body and controls the bad cholesterol, the scientists revel. In addition, with the maintenance of cholesterol and fat in the body the risk of cardiovascular disease has been decreased.

Additionally, it also contains an acid that can help prevent clogging of the arteries.

While it may be easier to reach for a cheese slice or to melt some grated cheese, Joel Feren from the Dietitian's Association of Australia explained to Body and Soul that there are healthier options.

As a result, the British Heart Foundation recommends heart disease patients get the nutrients they might find in cheese from other products like milk and yoghurt, to cut down on kilojoules.

"If you're looking at nachos with melted cheese, it's probably the nachos making the problem because it's just empty calories and it won't provide us with much nutrition", he said.

He also added, "There is a connection between the fat and calcium which makes the fat less digestible".

Sophie Clarke, of the British Cheese Board, said, "Far from having a negative effect, a number of large studies have shown dairy products to have a protective effect on factors relating to heart health".

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