Chicago marks 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

Chicago marks 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

Chicago marks 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

President Trump appeared with World War II veterans at the White House on Thursday as he signed a proclamation declaring it national Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. He said he's still alive because he happened to be on the ship's starboard side.

The veteran was a part of the historic start and finish in World War II.

As an example of this humanitarianism, Jindirch cited that if combatants against the USA military turn their backs to US soldiers and run away, our country's rules of engagement forbid soldiers from firing on them.

"We honor you today for the proud cultural heritage of victory and toughness that you have bestowed on each of us that now wear the uniform in your honor", he said.

Jack Gutman was 15 when he heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor, exactly 76 years ago, but it's affected almost everything that happened to him since.

"I don't think about it too much anymore because something like this brings it back to your memory", Stephenson said.

The Henderson War Memorial Foundation believes information wasn't relayed to Pearl Harbor that could have helped defend the raid.

He then thanked the six veterans for their service.

Keynote speaker and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Steve Twomey shared personal accounts of people whose lives were forever changed after the events of December 7th, uniting the country in an unwavering resolve to fight and rise to the challenges before them.

The ceremony began with a moment of silence in honor of those who lost their lives. "Heroes whose honor, courage and commitment amidst adversity continues to inspire generations of American service members today".

More than 2,400 Americans died in the attack - including several dozen civilians - and almost 1,200 were wounded. Usually, a Navy vessel with sailors manning the rails passes by the USS Arizona Memorial during the event.

"That we are not forgotten and that some people do appreciate us and what we have done", said Baker. At 8:10, a 1,800-pound bomb smashed through the deck of the battleship USS Arizona and landed in her forward ammunition magazine.

Almost 60 Americans from IL died at Pearl Harbor that day, and after the attack, several thousand servicemen and women trained at Navy Pier.

But he says remembrance ceremonies like Thursday's put on by AMVETS Post #7 in Oshkosh are important.

Japan and the US became close allies after the war.

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