Death Stranding's New Trailer Shows A Baby Inside Norman Reedus

Hideo Kojima Reveals New Death Stranding Trailer

Death Stranding's New Trailer Shows A Baby Inside Norman Reedus

Still, the latest trailer for Kojima's next project, Death Stranding, takes the creator's trademark absurdity to a whole new level.

The trailer once again features Reedus, as well as another baby (or perhaps the same baby!), terrifying giant ghostly beings, and much more to hurt your brain and leave you dumbfounded yet unbearably excited for whatever the shit this game is going to end up being.

As usual, and as you probably expected, the trailer leaves us with more questions than we had before and answers basically none. Just like with the Metal Gear Solid V trailers, it is completely possible that Death Stranding's marketing is full of fake-outs, misdirection and not enough information for us to know for sure. Reedus' character wakes up on a unusual planet where most of the characters in odd futuristic suits are killed off and being hunted by invisible alien monsters. We also see a member of the team stabbing himself to death; Norman Reedus' character floating underwater, alongside his crew mates; and the return of the baby whom we first saw in the game's very first trailer. He then sees the floating figures we've seen before, this time above a huge crater, hammering home the explosion motif. After the trailer premiered, Reedus and Kojima shared a sweet moment on stage where even he seemed a bit confused by Kojima's trailer.

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