Downing Street Christmas tree grown in Swansea

Downing Street Christmas tree grown in Swansea

Downing Street Christmas tree grown in Swansea

That is because Christmas trees are a matter of supply and demand and this year there supply is less than the demand. Which is pretty miserable. Vehicle damage that results from an improperly secured Christmas tree, such as scratched paint, torn door seals and distorted window frames, could cost up to $1,500 to fix.

Real vs. artificial Christmas trees: Which should you get?

For now, at least, tree lot owners across Palm Beach County say they have plenty of trees, but they expect their supply to start to dwindle in the days before Christmas.

Kuipers said she lost 300 mature trees this year that sporadically turned brown and more than 1,000 trees died during the drought and hot summer of 2012.

"This is made worse when people turn their heating on, as the warmer temperature encourages mould to grow faster", he said. You can also try bending the needles - if they bounce back, the tree is probably still fresh.

The holiday season is in full swing, and for many, that means it's time to find a Christmas tree. Remember that a living Christmas tree is much heavier than a cut tree, and that although some people may be able to afford, display, and plant a rather large tree, buying a smaller one allows for more choices of location in the home, and makes it a lot easier to move around and eventually plant outdoors. In North Carolina, Christmas tree farms were affected not only by the recession, but also by wildfires and droughts a year ago. The business started when Billy and his wife went to purchase a live tree over 35 years ago. Christmas tree farms often cut down trees only as they are sold.

"You can definitely tell that we're suffering the effects of the shortage because the trees aren't as tall as they have been in the past", Kuipers said.

Trees also help to reduce ozone levels in urban areas, cut runoff and erosion by storing water and breaking the force of rain as it falls, and absorb sound and reduce noise pollution.

And almost ten years on, the trees that would be ready to cut down this year don't exist, leading to a rise in prices and decline in sales, according to CNN.

Meanwhile, wholesale Christmas tree prices have climbed 5 to 10 percent a year over the last two years - causing sticker shock for some buyers. Rob Wessels of Wessels Family Farm's tree lot in DeKalb and Al Haseman, owner of the Splash of Color tree lot in Sycamore, both said the national tree shortage has not affected their tree sales. Right now, Yeager says it's the Canaan Fir and Fraser Fir. Depending on the size of the pot, anywhere from one to three trays of ice cubes can be placed on the surface of the soil, where they will melt and gradually water the tree.

"We want to have a fresh Christmas tree every year, it's part of our tradition", Jensen said. These trees often come from China, where "Christmas villages" manufacture the world's trees and decorations.

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