Dustin Hoffman battles John Oliver in heated harassment claims discussion

Dustin Hoffman called a

Dustin Hoffman battles John Oliver in heated harassment claims discussion

John Oliver reportedly noticed this and made a decision to bring up on Monday night during a 20th Anniversary screening of Wag The Dog at 92Y's Kaufmann Concert Hall in NY.

John Oliver just went after Dustin Hoffman big time on sexual harassment at this Wag The Dog panel.

Hoffman defended himself against the questioning, stating that he does not recall meeting Graham Hunter, had not groped anyone, and that any comments he may have made were part of the "family" dynamic on the set. "If you've given no evidence to show it didn't happen, there was a period of time for a while when you were a creeper around women", he added. "And that is "if" I did anything that was out of sorts, or if I embarrassed her, I apologize".

"You've made one statement in print", Oliver said, criticising Hoffman's response to the allegation. John said to Dustin.

"You've made a judgement, a very quick judgement", said Hoffman, who cited the sexually-charged nature of the humor on film sets as context for his behavior.

Hoffman apologised following the allegation, saying he has "the utmost respect for women and feel awful that anything I might have done could have put her in an uncomfortable situation", and that his alleged behaviour "is not reflective of who I am".

"You've made this incredible assumption about me, sir".

"First of all, it didn't happen, the way she reported", the actor said, according to Deadline.

At a screening commemorating the 20th anniversary of the film "Wag the Dog", Oliver asked the Oscar-winning actor about the claims made against him recently by an actress.

As more and more harrowing stories emerge from within the entertainment industry, John Oliver clearly felt it would be remiss not to address Hoffman's role in the scandal.

"Do you believe this stuff you read?" "You have indicted me".

The Washington Post's Steven Zeitchik tweeted that Hoffman criticized Oliver for "unquestionably believing accusers" and not keeping an "open mind". It is reflective of who you were. "The easy way is not to bring anything up". That leads to me at home later tonight hating myself, asking, "Why the fuck didn't I say something?"

According to Washington Post reporter Steve Zeitchik, who was in attendance, the confrontation between Oliver and Hoffman created a "testy" atmosphere, with audience members "arguing volubly" about whether Oliver should have raised the allegations against Hoffman. "No one stands up to powerful men". I am sorry. It is not reflective of who I am.

The back-and-forth mainly centered on the Graham Hunter allegations, and also at times invoked an accusation by "The Graduate" co-star Katharine Ross that Hoffman had groped her on the set of the classic film.

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