'Fallen Angel': Twitter Goes Crazy After Victoria's Secret Model's Runway Wipeout

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2017

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But rather than edit the fall out of the telecast, CBS not only included the footage, but also spliced in audio commentary from the producers, saying, "Ming is down!" and "Can she get up?"

The Chinese model sadly tripped and fell during one of the run-throughs of the VS Fashion Show in Shanghai last week, but recovered ever so gracefully! "Fall down seven times, get up eight", he said.

After she went backstage, Xi was unable to hold back her tears.

Model Gigi Hadid, Bella's sister, was reportedly also denied entry to China over a controversial Instagram video where she imitated a Buddha by squinting her eyes.

As Xi walked offstage, she started sobbing - the cameras followed her as the fellow models gave her hugs and offered reassurances: "It's OK, don't worry". A source told E! However, Xi's fall and subsequent recovery were shown, as well as the tearful model leaving the runway and reacting to the moment backstage, something the internet wasn't too happy to see.

In the end, Xi's graceful recovery stole the internet's heart, with many applauding her for her poise. She was shaken up after that fall.

As Xi straightened her enormous flowered costume and tried to recover, Brazilian model Gizele Oliveira offered her a hand.

"However, the support I received from everyone yesterday was incredible and I am truly grateful to everyone who was there for me".

But the wipeout, naturally, did not go unnoticed on social media, where many expressed pity for the China-born model's fall on the runway, adding that it was made worse by the fact that it happened in her hometown. "I literally just did what I would love someone to do it for me!"

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