Google data-saving tool aims to help manage smartphone bills

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Google data-saving tool aims to help manage smartphone bills

These actions have started following the amendment of Google's demonetization rules for Android App developers.

If you are into Android field for quite a long time then Datally may not seem an exciting fact to you. Meanwhile, apps that collect and transmit data unrelated to the main functionality will have to "prominently highlight how the user data will be used and have the user provide affirmative consent for such use". Developers whose apps show warnings should refer to guidance in the Unwanted Software Help Center.

"It really acts as a speedometer for your mobile data, along with the ability to block data if things are getting out of hand", Woodward said.

"Through Datally's data saver feature, I am now able to use it in apps and activities I truly need", she said during the Datally's launching at the Google headquarters in Taguig City on Wednesday, November 29.

The app helps users keep tabs on their data usage, broken down by the hour of the day, or segregated by apps.

The Data Saver bubble can also kill data connections for an app with just one tap, very useful for cases when a rogue app suddenly spikes in data usage. These lists are made for different categories including apps, games, movies, tv shows, and more. The app also offers personalized recommendations and tips on how to trim down data consumption.

Apps frequently use data in the background to update content and information. There is also a built-in Find Wi-Fi feature that lets you know about nearby Wi-Fi hotspots that could help you save a few megabytes.

Google on Thursday launched an app created to help Android phone users understand, control and save on their expensive mobile data. Or the app also provides a big red button that will let users to cut data off of all apps save for the one now in use. The app suggests ways in which one could cut down data usage.

Google finally took the bold step to eradicate the apps that cause stressful conditions for the users of Android phones.

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