'Justice League' cinematographer confirms Superman black suit scenes were shot and cut


Some relief for Justice League and Warner Bros

Berg had creative direction over the DC properties along with chief creative officer Geoff Johns, whose role on the comic book films may evolve and become more advisory in nature going forward, according to a bombshell report from Variety. Reportedly Snyder's vision for the villain Steppenwolf was recognized as "faulty" by studio executives, but only so much could be fixed during the reshoots overseen by Joss Whedon.

He has joined Lego Movie producer Roy Lee's production banner, which is based on the studio's Burbank lot.

Earlier today, Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner revealed that the black Superman suit teased during the film's production by Henry Cavill was created for the film as scenes were filmed featuring the Last Son of Krypton donning the suit he wore after his resurrection in the famous "Death & Return of Superman" story arc from the comics. However, the movie was too far along to make any substantial changes. Although the record is already impressive, it still fell short in box-office expectations as, after all, the movie gathers six DC superheroes in one project, which was DC and Warner Bros' answer to Marvel's "Avengers".

Meanwhile, there are now no plans for Zack Snyder to direct another DC movie, though it's possible he could helm one in the future as part of his production deal with Warner Bros.

Emmerich is said to be considering folding the DC Films venture back into the main Warner Bros. film wing, and not with its own division.

Meanwhile, Man of Steel earned a poor $63.4 million in the country during its theatrical run in 2013, and Suicide Squad had to sit it out in China because it wasn't allowed in the country because of the film's tone and mature-themed content.

Justice League is now officially the highest-grossing DC film in China with it's total reaching $371.8 million.

The execs are said to be happy with how Justice League introduced both Ezra Miller's The Flash and Jason Momoa's Aquaman. Aquaman and The Flash movies continue to press ahead as planned.

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