Lakers enforcing 'LaVar Ball Rule' hopefully means less from LaVar Ball

Houston Rockets guard James Harden goes up for a dunk during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday Dec. 3 2017 in Los Angeles

Lakers enforcing 'LaVar Ball Rule' hopefully means less from LaVar Ball

As such, the Lakers announced they are going to start enforcing an "existing policy" that prevents the media from being in an area of the arena where family and friends of the players hang out after games.

Family, friends and agents wait for players in the seats behind the basket closest to the visiting team's locker room at the conclusion of games. If a media member is seen in that area now, security will ask them to leave.

LaVar Ball gets to be the part of the center of attention for another day around the Lakers facility.

The rule is created to keep members of the media from heading to where family members and other people who are there to support a specific player sit and congregate after games.

"There has been more media presence in that area than before", a team spokesman told Haynes.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden shoots a 3-pointer over Los Angeles Lakers forward Julius Randle during the first half of an NBA basketball game Sunday Dec. 3 2017 in Los Angeles

It's actually kind of surprising because LaVar Ball hasn't actually said that much this season.

Ball, no stranger to controversy, has recently issued several comments that may have played into this Lakers' decision to enforce what Staples Center employees are reportedly calling the "LaVar Ball Rule". "It's a privacy concern".

Ball has been widely critical of Lakers coach Luke Walton for not being tougher on his son. "We're concerned with the team and what's best for our team, and how we can continue to get better".

In a post-game interview Wednesday after the Lakers loss 127-123 to the Golden State Warriors, LaVar Ball lamented the team's execution and targeted forward Julius Randle for not passing the ball to his son. He also said that Walton should have done the "Big Baller move" and not called a timeout.

This comes after LaVar informed ESPN's Ramona Shelburne in July that he told Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson, "As far as training my boy, this is as far as I can take him". Reading between the lines, the Lakers have seized upon an existing but rarely enforced team policy to limit Ball's exposure to the media after games.

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