Lebanon's PM rescinds resignation as government agrees deal

Lebanon's PM rescinds resignation as government agrees deal

Lebanon's PM rescinds resignation as government agrees deal

Prime Minister Saad Hariri called for a Cabinet session at noon Tuesday to endorse an agreement on the country's dissociation policy toward regional conflicts, effectively turning the page on his 1-month-old resignation.

That deal put Michel Aoun in the president's office and Hariri at the helm of a government that included ministers from his political rival Hezbollah.

"All (the government's) political components decide to dissociate themselves from all conflicts, disputes, wars or the internal affairs of brother Arab countries, in order to preserve Lebanon's economic and political relations", Hariri said.

Hezbollah is fighting alongside government forces in neighbouring Syria, has dispatched military commanders to Iraq, and is accused of backing Shiite rebels in Yemen.

Hariri said he was quitting on November 4 while on a trip to Saudi Arabia.

Hariri also announced that he will travel o Paris on Friday to meet with French diplomats and the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for talks on the recent upheaval.

Hariri shocked the nation with his freakish resignation in a televised broadcast from Saudi Arabia last month, citing Lebanese militant group Hezbollah's meddling in regional affairs as a main reason for stepping down.

Presidential sources have confirmed that all parties, including Hezbollah, have approved the expected statement and gave Aoun the green light to proceed with this matter.

Prime Minister Hariri read the final statement which stressed that Lebanon sticks to the dissociation policy and Taef Accord, the state-run Al Manaar reported.

Some Lebanese officials have said that Riyadh forced Hariri to tender his resignation, although Saudi Arabia has denied this.

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