Lena Dunham Says She Warned Hillary Clinton About Harvey Weinstein

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Lena Dunham Says She Warned Hillary Clinton About Harvey Weinstein

Paltrow said no and later told her boyfriend at the time, Brad Pitt, who went on to confront Weinstein ― a move that prompted Weinstein to scold the actress. He was especially close to David J. Pecker, chief executive of American Media Inc., which owns The Enquirer, a relationship that made him relatively untouchable in the tabloid industry. That is, friends of Pecker.

The RICO suit had originally been filed in Los Angeles, but today's new filing in NY also names for the first time some of the actresses who are part of the class action. "A year and a half ago, on one of the most progressive campaigns in history, this wasn't a problem", she said, referring to the allegations about Weinstein. "Many knew something or detected hints, though few understood the scale of his sexual misconduct".

We are also told a large number of other actresses are also part of the suit but have so far wished to remain anonymous. The producer was said to have placed his hands on the actress' shoulders and suggested they head to the bedroom for massages.

Gwyneth Paltrow with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton at the premiere for 'Shakespeare in Love, ' the 1998 film produced by Harvey Weinstein that won Paltrow and Academy Award for best actress. Hours before the New York Times' first story on Weinstein dropped, Weinstein personally called the reporters and told them that he had the means to find out who had talked to them. Since the Weinstein scandal broke, she has learned that Weinstein boasted that he had sex with her.

Lena Dunham claims that she tried to convince Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign not to accept money from Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein had always been a generous donor to Hillary and Bill Clinton. He also was an early backer of her presidential bids.

Dunham said she had heard some of the stories others had heard about Weinstein.

The Clinton campaign denies ever being warned.

Dunham said she also notified Adrienne Elrod, a Clinton spokesperson who was in charge of collaborating with celebrity campaigners.

Through Clinton's communications director Nick Merrill, Schake and Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook said they didn't recall receiving any warnings about Weinstein - including reports about rape or other forms of sexual misconduct - from Dunham or Brown. It's despicable behaviour, and the women that have come forward have shown enormous courage. "As to claims about a warning, that's something staff wouldn't forget".

On the morning Time magazine announced the #MeToo "silence breakers" are its Person of the Year, a group of six women is taking legal action against Harvey Weinstein, the man whose exploits began the movement.

According to the New York Daily News, she is now filing a federal lawsuit in New York against Weinstein and his company for gender discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation.

Reps for Weinstein, TWC and Miramax were not immediately available for comment.

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