New Emoji List for 2018 Includes Cupcake, Redheads, Teddy Bear, and More

Emoji direction change

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The Unicode Emoji Consortium released its sixth set of proposed emojis in June. These draft candidates include redheads, cupcakes, and mangoes. Google finally fixed the burger emoji.

A draft of the new guidelines announced Monday night by the Unicode Consortium would allow vendors to give you the power to reverse the direction of your emoji.

With the final list not yet nailed down and Apple's new operating system still a ways out, it looks as if we could be waiting nearly an entire year to get our hands on this collection of new iOS 12 emojis.

In addition to reversible emoji, the proposed guidelines also contain a slew of other proposed emoji that make great candidates.

Ginger men and women are in the shortlist for the next big emoji release next year, as are curly-haired characters to better represent diversity. It seems "red hair", "white hair", and "curly hair" have all survived up until now and will proceed to the final round.

The list-which Unicode made very clear "is not final"-features 130 possible new faces, people, body parts, clothes, animals, foods, household items ... and a pirate flag".

Until everyone wises up, then, we'll just have to make due with snail-less emoji bands. "The following ZWJ mechanism can be used to pick an explicit direction". For instance, you could change the direction of that runner emoji to face left or right depending on your preference.

And you think to yourself, "Look at how talented these enterprising young rodents are", and "I would like to celebrate this opus by recreating it using emoji", like so:. While this is unfortunate for users who want to text a picture of a dismayed pile of poop, it's nice to know that the list is being continually updated to best reflect a combination of efficiency and the needs of their audience.

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