Nintendo Switch Sales Hit 2.5 Million In Japan


Nintendo Switch Sales Hit 2.5 Million In Japan

The PlayStation 3 sold 83.3m units in life time, the PSX sold 102.49m units and the PS2, the best-selling console of all time, sold 155m.

A Nintendo Switch experience centre. Sony last confirmed that PSVR had sold a million units around halfway through the year, so it hasn't taken long for the headset to double its install base. Think of it like a tablet with a TV dock and dedicated controllers.The tablet portion of the console features a 6.2-inch capacitive touch-screen with an HD resolution (1280x720).

In a recent press release Sony announced that the PS4 has sold through 70.6 million units globally since the system launched in 2013, up an impressive 10.2 million units from the original 60.4 million sales from June. Since the PS VR launch, 150 titles have been released for system, achieving more than 12.2M sold at retail stores globally and through digital downloads on the PlayStation Store. "Now there are more than 130 highly anticipated games and other entertainment content in development for PS VR, launching by the end of 2018".

The Japanese entertainment and technology conglomerate said that it has sold a total of 70.6 million Playstation 4 consoles as of December 3.

Looking ahead to 2018, PS4 has a number of major exclusives due for release, including God of War, Detroit: Become Human, and Spider-Man. "I can not thank our fans and partners enough. We will continue to work closely with partners to maintain this momentum and remain steadfast in making PS4 the best place to play", House said. After struggling during the PS3 years, Sony came into the current generation swinging. Sony pointed out strong third-party titles such as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, Monster Hunter: World, and Yakuza Kiwami 2.

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