Pa. judge to keep rapper Meek Mill in prison despite outcry

Meek Mill

Meek Mill

Tacopina is requesting Brinkley recuse herself from Meek's case, which she has overseen since his 2007 arrest and subsequent eight-month prison sentence for illegal possession of a gun.

According to Joe Tacopina, Mill's lawyer, the decision by the judge "continues her long pattern of unfair treatment" of his client and there are plans to appeal the decision.

"How could she sit in judgment?" Tacopina said the public outrage is warranted.

A reported investigation by the FBI into Judge Brinkley's conduct is ongoing. The judge had no comment.

Although the sentence came as a surprise since neither the prosecutor, nor Williams' probation officer, had asked for prison time, the bigger surprise came the next day, when NY attorney Joe Tacopina, one of the rapper's lawyers, made statements to the press that Brinkley had imposed the harsh sentence because she was "enamored" with Williams and had acted inappropriately in handling the case.

And Brinkley's prison sentence has triggered fury among Mill's supporters - including the Rev. Al Sharpton and JAY-Z - saying Mill exemplified the abuse and overreach that has sent many to jail on minor violations just as they were trying to get their lives back on track after a prison stint.

It seems that things are not going as planned at all for Meek Mill these days.

A Philadelphia judge denied an emergency bail petition in a probation violation case against embattled rapper Meek Mill.

The charges in both cases were dropped.

In one instance, they allege, the judge suggested Mill record a version of the Boyz II Men song "On Bended Knee" and mention the judge in it during a conversation in her chambers. Also, according to Billboard magazine, the judge is "enamored" with the rapper and wanted him to leave Roc Nation and to sign with a friend of hers, crossing "all conceivable lines".

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