PlayStation Stores Leak The God Of War Release Date

God of War Kratos

Kratos and his son Atreus. Sony

2018 is looking to be an exciting year for PlayStation 4 owners. This has resulted in much speculation with fans coming onto all platforms and making inferences as to whether this news is real or fake. Well, it seems that we already know when the next adventure of Kratos will be available. This doesn't mean that March 22 was a leaked release date by any means, but it does raise some interesting questions. It is possible that this is the prelude to the revelation of the release date of God of War.

The details were brought forward by Wario64, although the date has already been removed.

Resetera recently posted an image, which can be found below, showing a release date for the game, and it's not too far off - March 22, 2018. The timing suggests whatever its release date may be, it will be announced at either The Game Awards on Thursday (7 December) or Sony's PlayStation Experience keynote a day later. We must, therefore, take this information with caution, as it could be an error. Still, we won't have absolute certainty on this until Sony comes right out and says it, so we'll have to wait and see.

God of War is a PS4 exclusive. It looks a lot more like the God of War I want to play now, so I'm hoping this date turns out to be accurate.

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