Rajnath takes dig at Congress for ignoring PM Modi's role in Gujarat

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Pic Courtesy ANI

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday criticised Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi's temple visits saying Gandhi was "troubled" by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's successive schemes and was thus visiting temples. Gujarat ke haalat par Pradhanmantri Narendra Modi se tisra sawal (as he directed his third query at Modi on Gujarat's condition).

Gandhi accused Modi of turning the noble profession of imparting education into a business of sorts in Gujarat's government-run schools and colleges.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi after Congress lost in Amethi, Adityanath said the party which was daydreaming of winning the Gujarat Assembly polls has failed to even open an account in the UP municipal corporation polls. "How will the dream of New India come true?", Rahul asked. "What wrong have the youths done?"

Gandhi's question comes in the wake of the party's strategy to pose one question to Modi everyday till the polls kick off in Gujarat.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi asked PM Modi why public money was "squandered" in purchasing power at higher rates from private companies in Gujarat. While he highlights national issues like demonetisation and promises routine sops like quota in employment, he fails to realise that Gujaratis are development-oriented, which is what the BJP's policies underscore.

Gujarat has a total number of 182 assembly seats and the polling will be held in two phases. Addressing rallies in Saurashtra, he said, "What's will happen in Gujarat on December 18 has already happened in UP".

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