Record-setting 17-foot python caught in Florida Everglades

Leon set a record for the South Florida Water Management Departments Python Elimination Program with this 17-foot-1-inch Burmese python that he brought to the Districts Homestead Field Station Dec. 4 2017

Record-setting 17-foot python caught in Florida Everglades

Florida snake hunters captured a monstrous 132-pound Burmese python in the Everglades on Friday.

The python is the largest caught under the South Florida Water Management District python elimination program, which started in April.

"We have these guys out there eating our alligators, raccoons, opossums, otters, pretty much everything out there", said Leon. The more of these snakes that can be eliminated, especially females and their eggs, the better chance future generations of native wildlife will have to thrive in the Everglades ecosystem that Floridians have invested billions of dollars to restore.

Leon also holds the state record for the biggest ever python kill.

The python hunters are paid just $8.10 per hour for their work plus bonuses.

For this python, Leon and the two other hunters will reportedly get $375.

The hunter also claimed a bounty - $50 for the first four feet and an extra $25 for each foot more, according to the district spokesman.

It's so far the largest snake to be caught under the South Florida Water Management District's python elimination program.

Burmese pythons are an invasive species in Florida and are wreaking havoc in the Everglades. It's ravenous appetite causes the large snakes to eat any animal they can find. 'There's no natural predators too'.

"If you see a snake this big, I don't think you should jump on it, at least if you don't have somebody else with you", he warned.

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