Saoirse Ronan Explains How to Pronounce Her Name on "Saturday Night Live"

"Saturday Night Live"/NBC The women of"SNL tackle sexual harassment in a"Welcome to Hell music video

Despite the whimsical Katy Perry look, with floating cherries, clouds and giant lollipops, the video didn't sugarcoat the growing list of issues women face ― and have faced for centuries. The subject-the reality of a woman's reality-however, provides a stark contrast to this fantasy. Bryant said. "And it's like, dang, is this the world now?"

The Irish actress, 23, was the special guest on American TV's Saturday Night Live show, where she joined comedy regulars Kate McKinney and Cecily Strong in a series of sketches. "Oh, this been the damn world", as they put it. Let's give Ronan a chance and I bet we're going to have a show just as hilarious as every episode this season has been so far already!

Oscar favorite: The foursome agree as Saoirse begins singing: "Now House Of Cards is ruined and that really sucks".

She began - inevitably - with a setpiece on her name, working up a jingle to explain the pronunciation to the programme's seven million viewers, as the words SAOIRSE flashed across the screen.

The list goes: Parking, walking, Uber, pony tails, bathrobes, night time, drinking, hotels, and men. We just travel in a group for safety'. "Nothing good happens in a van". But, you see, I have a little problem. They sing about the "full nightmare" of being a woman when "all these big, cool, powerful guys are turning out to be habitual predators". "This has been the situation since we got boobs".

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