Sean Hannity Tells Steve Bannon GOP Is 'Dead, Morally Corrupt'

Donald Trump

ReutersDonald Trump's vow to pack the Supreme Court with conservatives was one of the reasons that won him popularity among white evangelicals

Conservative commentator Sean Hannity ripped the Republican Party during a radio appearance Monday, saying the party as we know it is dead.

In an interview with "Breitbart News Tonight" special edition host Steve Bannon on SiriusXM 125, Hannity called out the Republican Party on a number of issues, but specifically on its failure to repeal and replace Obamacare. "It is a dead party".

The poll also found that because of Trump's divisive style of leadership, registered voters are more likely to vote for a Democrat in the 2018 midterms than they are a Republican.

A new survey shows that three out of 10 white evangelical Protestants in the US say "almost nothing" could cause them to disapprove of President Donald Trump.

Among those Republicans who didn't support Trump in 2016, two-thirds say they still wouldn't support him in 2020 and want a different nominee while one-third said they'd support Trump, NBC News reported.

About 11 percent of white evangelicals, meanwhile, said they were "weak Trump opponents" and their opinion could change, but 13 percent of white evangelicals said they were "strong" opponents to Trump and he could do nothing to win their approval.

"Then they get the White House, and then they turn on a man that's advocating the same principles that they have been quoting for years on the campaign trail", Hannity said, according to The Hill.

Republicans repeatedly failed this year to follow through on a seven-year promise to undo former President Obama's signature health care legislation. If Trump doesn't get his act together now, Democrats may seize control in just three short years.

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