Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against CFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon

Former Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon is accused of sexually harassment and assault by his executive assistant in a lawsuit

Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against CFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon is being sued for sexual harassment, The Seattle Times and Washington Post report.

A woman claimed Moon grabbed her crotch during a business trip to Seattle earlier this year, required her to wear thong underwear and share his bed during other business trips and pulled off her bathing suit after slipping a drug into her drink during a business trip to Mexico in October.

The woman, 32-year-old Wendy Haskell, was hired as the 61-year-old Moon's executive assistant in July.

After the trip, Haskell says in her lawsuit that she was demoted to a position where she made "significantly" less money, and suffered emotional distress and humiliation at work.

Moon himself has a history of accusations when it comes to both sexual harassment and domestic violence.

His Edmonton Eskimos won consecutive five Grey Cups and though his USA teams never won a title, he was named to nine Pro Bowls and set several single-season passing records in a less pass-happy era than now. Moon is now a broadcaster for the Seattle Seahawks. But his reputation was later marred by scandals involving women.

A former Vikings cheerleader accused Moon of sexually harassing her and the case was settled out of court in May 1995. He reconciled with his wife, who declined to press charges. Though his wife never ended up pressing charges, he was charged with assault but acquitted by the jury after Felicia claimed she started the fight.

According to the new lawsuit, Moon required Haskell to stay in his hotel room during business trips, sleep in the same bed and wear "skimpy thong lingerie bottoms" as nightclothes. They divorced in 2001.

"When she protested, he replied that she had to comply to keep her job and said that 'his prior assistant accepted the same arrangement'".

Haskell's attorney, Diana L. Fitzgerald, told the Washington Post that her client didn't report anything to police at the time because she was probably "scared".

"Whenever Ms. Haskell expressed reservations about these outrageous "job duties", Moon insisted this was "just the way it is", and threatened Ms. Haskell that unless she was "comfortable" with him, he'd "find someone else who was".

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