Starbucks Selling New 'Christmas Tree' Drink For Only 5 Days

Starbucks is releasing a 'peppermint mocha creme' Christmas tree frappuccino

Starbucks Selling New 'Christmas Tree' Drink For Only 5 Days

The peppermint mocha-flavored Frapp is topped with green whipped cream and candy "ornaments", so it looks just as festive as it tastes. Over that goes a caramel drizzle and candied cranberries, and the whole thing is capped with a strawberry tree "topper".

The Christmas Tree Frappuccino is available in stores across the United States and Canada for a limited time. If you still aren't convinced though, there are plenty of rave reviews on Twitter to convince you.

'OH MEH GOAD I JUST SAW THE STARBUCKS CHRISTMAS TREE FRAPPUCCINO and the very sight of it gave me a medical event.

'I hate Christmas but I NEED a Christmas tree Frappuccino ASAP please and thank you, ' wrote another.

While caffeine is essential for many during this time of year, the drink ironically contains no coffee.

This writer drove to two Starbucks early hoping she could convince a kind barista to make her one before the official launch. The base is a Peppermint Mocha Creme Frappuccino, one of the better Frappuccinos on the menu, and it artfully balances sweet, minty, and mocha flavors. Still, it's worth pointing out that the nutritional information for the Christmas Tree Frappuccino is eye-opening. A limited edition frappuccino that actually tastes as good as it looks? The Peppermint Mocha Crème Frappuccino base was delicious as ever, and the Matcha whipped cream was surprisingly subtle. People have already flocked to the coffee supplier to test out the sweet treat, and it seems to be a serious hit.

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