Therapist says Matt Lauer sought advice and sex toys for troubled marriage

Matt Lauer’s jealousy of up-and-coming male rivals at NBC has left the network without a viable replacement to fill his spot on the Today show according to a report on Monday. Lauer is seen above

Therapist says Matt Lauer sought advice and sex toys for troubled marriage

"We had a guest on the show who was a - what was she - a sex therapist, and so when she left. she gave each of us a shopping bag of stuff", Lauer said.

Vieira didn't remember the segment but sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman recently revealed that he was telling the truth. Berman said that Lauer originally came to her in the green room in 2007, ushering makeup artists out and asking her for advice on how to solve his marital struggles.

Berman said on Inside Edition that she gave the ousted co-anchor the sex aids after he confided in her about his marriage.

In retrospect, following sexual assault and harassment allegations against Lauer, "I'm sort of crestfallen if any of those toys were used to harass any colleagues or any women", Berman said.

In a recently unearthed video from 2016, Lauer and Savannah Guthrie were guests on Vieira's now-canceled talk show The Meredith Vieira Show, where the host chided her former colleague about discovering the adult items in Lauer's dressing room closet. According to paperwork first obtained by the National Enquirer, in the filing, Roque accused Lauer of "cruel and inhumane acts", reportedly also claiming that Lauer was controlling about "even the smallest decisions", and alleging that he showed "extreme anger and hostility" towards her.

The Peacock Network is desperately scrambling to find a suitable replacement for Lauer – even though he personally made sure there would be no heir apparent according to Page Six. Lauer is seen above with co-host Savannah Guthrie

Too bad Matt Lauer doesn't have a button under his desk to keep his wife from leaving the country, because that's exactly what she's done in light of the news that he's basically spent his whole career shaking his pickle at interns.

Tabloid reports have long labeled Lauer "a womanizer" and described his marriage as troubled. "It was very somber", a second source tells Us.

Since then, Roque has been living full-time in Sag Harbor in the Hamptons with their children on a 40-acre estate that includes a high-end horse farm with stables for 36 animals, Page Six said.

On Dec. 4, Lauer was spotted in the band while driving his 11-year-old son, Thijs, to school in the Hamptons in NY, reports Page Six. "To the people I have hurt, I am truly sorry".

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