Tiffany Haddish dreams to tour country, sell vegetables with Oprah

The Ellen De Generes Show

The Ellen De Generes Show

Swift, a noted kitchen enthusiast and Ina Garten fan, was the musical guest on SNL the night that Haddish hosted the show and subsequently invited her over for a potluck dinner, an invitation that Haddish readily accepted, although with a few stipulations.

She continued, "I had informed her about Cardi B and how she just transformed her whole life and how she's a role model to children, and how we have to be role models to young girls and show you can empower yourself". The Girls Trip star stopped by Ellen and spoke with the host about her whirlwind year. Haddish took her up on her offer but under the condition that the Tennessee musician cooks her some "barbecue chicken, potato salad, and brisket". And she made cornbread.

Taylor Swift has often talked about her love of cooking, baking, and entertaining people at home. "She my sister", Haddish said, before explaining how she taught Streisand about hip-hop sensation Cardi B.

Tiffany told Ellen that she grows her own collard greens (along with kale, strawberries, avocados, eggplants, and cucumbers) and by smiling while she harvests, cuts and cooks them, they turn into "joyful greens". Haddish told the audience that the reason why her greens were so good was that when she plants, washes and cooks them, she "smiles". "Oh, my gosh, Tiffany", she gushed, according to Haddish. "I call 'em 'joyful greens"!" I go to all these different places and get greens, and they're never good.

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