Truckers rally across country in opposition to ELD mandate

Truckers rally across country in opposition to ELD mandate

Truckers rally across country in opposition to ELD mandate

Larger truck carries like UPS, and FedEx are already using electronic systems to record driver's time and behavior.

Protesting truckers are hopeful that will pass.

Federal regulators say the devices will save lives and the industry millions of dollars by reducing the amount of paperwork but some drivers are calling for the government to offer special training before spending the thousands of dollars to outfit their trucks with the new electronic logs. The hours of service rules have not changed due to the ELD mandate. One issue with paper logs is that they can be falsified.

Uncle Sam says it's about safety, but drivers against it say it's taking away their privacy, and making it more hard to do their jobs. The ELD automatically records the time a driver spends behind the wheel.

The government aims for ELDs to help enforce current law allowing truckers to only drive 11 hours in a 14-hour period before taking a 10-hour break before driving again. "Enough is enough. We believe this strongly that we will stop our trucks if that's what we have to do". "It puts you on duty", said Hasner. "It causes drivers to be more risky because they're losing their driving time on these ELDs, and it's causing them to cut other drivers off, speed through school zones".

Stephen Wyatt, of Hamilton, hopes to get the mandate repealed because he said it is a burden to purchase a device that he does not need. "That means they're doing that speeding in work zones, school zones, and in town, where it couldn't be more risky", said Pat Valenti, truck driver. "It's just common sense, and it has nothing to do with an electronic device to tell you what and what not to do".

That is particularly concerning when it comes to inexperienced drivers, said veteran independent trucker Michael Showers of Harrisburg. But other drivers don't think that is possible.

"They are being pushed and they are going to make a mistake", Showers said. "Why punish someone who has a clean record?"

The "special forces of trucking", Harris says in reference to expediters, are "conditioned to do special things, but in the same breath we know what our limitations are and we're not going to do anything unsafe".

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