United Kingdom police officer stops van falling off bridge

Source Twitter

Source Twitter

PC Martin Willis - known as Motorway Martin - was first on the scene at the crash in Yorkshire, UK, after a collision which left a van teetering on the edge of the bridge with the driver trapped inside.

He was the first on the scene yesterday morning after the driver lost control in icy conditions, where the vehicle was swaying dangerously in the wind.

The driver was rescued by the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service officers who arrived on the scene and pulled the van to safety.

"Every time a lorry went by I could see the van sway and I just thought, 'It's right over the A64, if this van goes over it will kill the driver, '" he said.

"I was only doing my job, but feel very honored to receive so much praise", says Willis. "It was balancing so I just had to hold it still".

He said he did not expect to be hailed a hero and only put pictures on Twitter because he thought it was "a really unusual story - quite a odd one".

A police officer from the United Kingdom is getting lots of accolades for saving a lorry driver's life while risking his own.

The driver was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary but his injuries are not deemed to be life-threatening.

PC Willis, whose regular job is patrolling the M62 in West Yorkshire, said the 15 minutes felt like a lot longer.

He added: "Your superman cape isn't in this photo though!"

The accident happened close to junction 44 for Aberford and Bramham on Friday morning. "Must have come off in the fracas!"

A member of the public also congratulated him on his efforts, saying: "That must've been a heart stopping moment!"

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Two northbound lanes of the A1 (M) were closed for most of the day.

'The male casualty is recovering in hospital after what must have been a terrifying ordeal.

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