Unlocked iPhone X Now Available On Apple's US Online Store

Unlocked iPhone X Now Available On Apple's US Online Store

Unlocked iPhone X Now Available On Apple's US Online Store

That means these unlocked phones can be purchased at full price and activated with a carrier at a later time.

Apple quietly began offering a new SIM-free unlocked model of the iPhone X last night.

The unlocked version of Apple's iPhone X is now available from the Apple store online in the US.

This means that you can buy an iPhone from Apple without specifying which carrier you'd like to use it on.

There's no doubt the iPhone X is an attractive slab of a gadget but with all that complicated tech to fit together, and a later launch than this year's other iPhones, rumors have persisted that Apple has been struggling to make enough of the flagship handsets to keep up with demand.

The iPhone includes all of the accessories you need to get started, including the EarPods with a Lightning connector, a USB-to-Lightning cable, the wall adapter, plus a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter for using regular earbuds or headphones with the handset. A recent study conducted by Cellular Insights for PC Magazine suggested that the GSM-exclusive version (Model A1901) for those carriers utilizes an inferior modem, supplied by Intel, that is slower on average than the Qualcomm-built modem inside the SIM-free variant, which is the same one used for Verizon and Sprint (Model A1865).

The high price tag of the iPhone X remains for the unlocked models: a 64GB device costs $999 while the 256GB model costs $1,149.

Shortly after the iPhone X went up for pre-order, shipping estimates from Apple slipped from days to weeks, sometimes as long as 5-6 weeks after order.

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