WhatsApp to soon allow group admins to restrict members from sending messages

WhatsApp to let group admins stop other members from posting

WhatsApp to let group admins stop other members from posting

WhatsApp group admins will be on cloud nine as the Facebook-owned instant messaging service is all set to introduce yet another new feature to its mobile app which will allow administrators to restrict group members from sending text messages or sharing pictures, videos, documents, GIFs and all.

Of late, WhatsApp feature has become a powerful tool for WhatsApp users. There is a "Message.Admin" button through which the members will share their posts.

Section 79 of the IT Act protects intermediaries, such as administrators of Whatsapp groups, on the grounds that they have no "actual knowledge" of the content.

Most importantly, it's also worth noting that this feature lets the group admins restrict members from posting to group once every 72 hours only. In October, we have heard about this new feature. But even as millions of WhatsApp users use groups to carry put conversations - private, social and professional - WhatsApp groups have also come under scanner for abuse, especially in countries like India. This feature will allow a group administrator to start a WhatsApp group that will give only some privileges to the members.

The said update from the Google Play Beta Program for Android and from the AppStore for the iOS platform also outlines that the administrators will be able to choose if other participants can modify the subject of the group, its icon and its description. You can always get out of the group when you have been added to one, but before your numbers get added there is no permission that is sought.

With the Restricted Groups feature, WhatsApp group admins can decide whether all the members in the group can send messages, or only the admin can.

Note that this is what users want. Although many features see the light of the day, many others don't.

We cannot know when WhatsApp enables a feature, but we can tell you that it will be necessary an update available after this date: 6 May 2018.

The Restricted Groups feature is now disabled by default, but can be expected to be made available via a stable release in the near future.

It means these features won't be remotely enabled before that date!

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