Windows 10 Timeline, Sets Features Now Available to Insiders

Windows 10 Timeline, Sets Features Now Available to Insiders

Windows 10 Timeline, Sets Features Now Available to Insiders

After nearly two weeks of delay, Microsoft has released the Windows 10 Insider Build 17063 for Fast Ring and Skip Ahead insiders.

However, Microsoft says that there are developers now working to add activity cards for their products; those cards will eventually show up in the final Timeline feature, adding the number of supported items that will show up in the feature. There is now support for Service Workers by default as Microsoft moves towards Progressive Web Apps that run on Windows 10 with Edge.

Besides, with this latest Windows 10's test version, the company has also added several new features. At the current rate of growth, the company should reach the 1 billion mark in 2020. Although Microsoft has requested developers start updating their apps to support the new feature, the company haven't yet confirmed whether Timeline will make it into the next update when it is released to all users in April.

"Timeline" will let one effectively pick up where they left off if one is switching between Windows 10 devices. As Microsoft put it, the feature would let you "jump back in time to find what you were working on". You can also tap on a "See all" button to check out everything you were working on in a given day - or you can just use the search bar. Activities, such as files accessed, articles read, and maps viewed, show up in the timeline as actionable links, meaning a click will take you back to that content.

Enable the filtering of activities by account. But if you'd like some more privacy, you can turn off Microsoft's activity collection in settings. Sets add tabs to windows so that activities can be grouped into a single interface. Microsoft is also rolling out the new Notebook design to everyone.

Microsoft is also making Sets available to Insiders in today's build, but as it is being introduced as a controlled study, not all Insiders will have access to it. Make sure to read in more detail about Timeline here.

Sets, a new Windows-management feature, was announced last month.

Timeline: The new Timeline experience in Windows 10 is now available to Windows Insiders. Office (starting with Mail & Calendar and OneNote), Windows, and Edge become more integrated to create a seamless experience, so you can get back to what's important and be productive, recapturing that moment, saving time - we believe that's the true value of Sets.

For users with multiple Windows 10 accounts (i.e. one for work, home and school) they can choose which accounts to show in the Timeline. Here, users can also clear their activity history and disable it. The feature allows users to pin frequently-used contacts to their taskbar.

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