Aziz Ansari has been accused of sexual misconduct

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Grace (not her real name), talked to and accused Aziz of sexual misconduct and gave graphic details of her experience, which she called "the worst night of her life". He then allegedly undressed them both, and she says she recalls feeling uncomfortable.

The Instagram handle by the username "babedotnet" also shared the screenshots of their flirtatious WhatsApp conversation that happened over the following week after Ansari and Grace exchanged their phone numbers at the after-party. She presented her allegations in a first-hand account of how she went on a date with the comedian, and the night ended with her crying in an Uber.

She says Ansari continued to push himself on her. "I said something like, 'Whoa, let's relax for a sec, let's chill.'" She said he then resumed kissing her, briefly performed oral sex on her, and asked her to do the same thing to him.

"Throughout the course of the night, she says she used verbal and non-verbal cues to indicate how unhappy she was".

In a cellphone screenshot obtained by Babe, Ansari allegedly texted the woman the next day to thank her for the "fun" evening. "I said I don't want to feel forced because then I'll hate you, and I'd rather not hate you", she said. She describes how Ansari allegedly kept persisting in his attempts to have sex with her, "going to grab a condom within minutes of their first kiss" and sticking his fingers down her throat before performing a sex act on her.

Ansari has yet to comment on the sexual assault allegations against him. "I know that my hand stopped moving at some points", she said.

Aziz apologised for misreading things.

The screenshots show Grace telling the 34-year-old how the interaction made her uncomfortable saying he ignored her clear cues. And I did. I think I just felt really pressured.

Grace, who was miserable after the date replied back and wrote, " Last night might've been fun for you, but it wasn't for me.

"I want to make sure you're aware so maybe the next girls doesn't have to cry on the ride home".

Though Ansari responded to Grace's text with an apology mentioning that he "clearly misread things in the moment" it was clear the damage was well and truly done.

Ansari has yet to respond to the accusations.

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