Bear attacks Packers fan in southwest Florida

Bear attacks Packers fan in southwest Florida

Bear attacks Packers fan in southwest Florida

A man who needed 41 stitches after he was mauled by a bear near to his home in Florida says he's "happy to be alive" after the encounter.

A man says he was letting his dog outside in Florida when a large bear attacked him.

It all came to pass Tuesday night, just on 11 p.m. when Meunier, a resident of Amberton Townhomes complex just east of Interstate 75, was making his strides when he noticed the 'surprise animal' standing next to him.

Andrew Meunier can thank a black bear for taking a chunk of skin out of face as he was walking near his apartment Wednesday night.

Andy Meunier isn't going to let anything like a bear attack get him down!

'I came outside and he was right there, ' Meunier told WINK News. "I tried to run and wasn't fast enough", Meunier said. "I didnt feel any cuts or anything".

It seems like this neighborhood has had a bear presence for some time as other residents have spotted bears digging through the trash.

Meunier was treated at a local hospital for cuts on his head and chest. "I look like I got in a fight with Wolverine. It could have been a different story".

Andree Meunier was attacked by a bear outside his Naples apartment. The traps would not harm the bears. It was bad and she came downstairs wondering where I was...

WINK reports this is the first bear attack in South Florida since 1970.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission set another bear trap near Amerine's home on the edge of the property.

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