Ben Simmons solid but Philadelphia Sixers blow it in London

Ben Simmons solid but Philadelphia Sixers blow it in London

Ben Simmons solid but Philadelphia Sixers blow it in London

A host of stars have turned out for the showpiece game at the O2 Arena.

Celtics star Kyrie Irving added 20 points and seven assists and Marcus Morris (a Philadelphia native) had 19 points and eight rebounds off the bench. Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers live streaming, Celtics vs Sixers live streaming, Celtics live streaming and Sixers live streaming info follows. It's really about everyone just believing what they want to believe and feeling comfortable with it.

The guard hit four three-pointers in the first half for 18 of his eventual 22 points.

But Ben Simmons seemed ready to move on.

After the first round of fan voting for this season's All-Star starters, which National Basketball Association followers from all over the world can participate in online, Irving led his nearest challenger among Eastern Conference guards by more than 500,000 votes, leaving him all but assured of a starting spot in Los Angeles on February 18.

The margin stood at 57-48 at the half. The result enabled Boston to stretch their record to 34-10, which leads the Eastern Conference. A contested 19-footer at the top of the key about 90 seconds into regulation got him going, and he pretty much went on an unconscious tear from there.

"Laaaaahhkin!" That would be Celtics announcer Tommy Heinsohn affectionately screaming Larkin's name on one of the nights that Boston's new little guy jump starts the team.

The Sixers went on a 21-4 run to take a 49-27 lead. When it comes to defensive rating (DRTG), however, the Celtics own a league first 101.9 points allowed per possession to the 76ers' 106.2 points allowed per possession, 7th in the league. He did so previously in March of 2015, during his stint with the LA Clippers.

Tipoff is scheduled for 3:00 pm E.T on January 11 at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Ben Simmons solid but Philadelphia Sixers blow it in London

Morris was upset about being up-ended and received a technical foul for attempting to confront the Philly point guard, who responded with a bemused smirk. They can not be happy about the 104 points given up, but with the way the offense looked to start the game, 114 points is enough to get excited about.

He's going to be keeping a close eye on his opposition, especially Joel Embiid.

The Celts started the second half on fire and never let up.

The Boston Celtics are nearly a completely new team from last season.

The first quarter featured an aggressive Ben Simmons, who finished with 16 points, including two turnaround jumpshots that excited Twitter. Thursday was no different.

The NBA Global Games' mission is to grow the game overseas, presumably by playing entertaining basketball.

Unlike what many people thought - even myself - prior to this season, Kyrie Irving is proving that he can in fact be the best player on a really good team.

Joel Embiid felt like he was destined to struggle from the outset in the Philadelphia 76ers' 114-103 defeat to the Boston Celtics in London on Thursday.

Irving has been all the Celtics were hoping for so far this season.

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