Dark Souls, Odyssey and More from Nintendo Direct Mini

Dark Souls, Odyssey and More from Nintendo Direct Mini

Dark Souls, Odyssey and More from Nintendo Direct Mini

The World Ends With You Final Remix is a stylish RPG set in modern-day Japan where Neku must fight his way through various battles in order to save himself, and the world.

In addition to the excitement about Luigi's arrival in Super Mario Odyssey, the presentation also included details for a number of other updates for existing games.

One of Nintendo's most prominent criticisms for Switch is its lack of versatility in regards to managing game save data.

The release dates vary, but Nintendo is aiming to ship all of this content to you in the first half of the year. Finally, 505 Games will release Payday 2 for the Switch on February 27.

Fe will bring a unique visual style of platform action to the Switch on the 16th February 2018, but this is another multi-platform release. Additionally, the new version will feature the Joy-Con controllers as a way to play its rhythm-based fights. There's the soundtracks for each of the games, a bookend set for you to store everything, 10 art prints with frames and three large physical dictionaries with item descriptions for everything across the series. Case in point: The Escapists 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is scheduled to come out this Autumn 2018. Breath of the Wild fans will be excited to hear that Nintendo will add new outfits for Link and Zelda the latest entry in the Legend of Zelda series. The Balloon World will be a competitive mode where your success is ranked in a global leaderboard. Through successfully hiding and finding balloons, players can move up in the online rankings, which are already a surprisingly big part of Odyssey's long-lasting appeal. We're also quite thrilled to see Nintendo return to Mario Tennis so quickly after 2015's Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash was met with an overwhelmingly negative reaction.

For about fifteen minutes, Nintendo sped through news on over a dozen current and upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. Seeing Square giving players the choice is a good thing to see and a positive step forward for accessibility in games.

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