Dark Souls remastered for Nintendo Switch console

The notoriously demanding game that first challenged players to explore and master its unsafe world in 2011 will come to a Nintendo system for the first time on May 25, 2018.

Once the remastered edition for Switch is revealed, a second announcement will be made informing players that the updated game will also be coming to PlayStation 4, XBox One and on PC.

The remaster will hit Nintendo's handheld-hybrid on May 25, and will feature improved framerates and resolution, and will come bundled with the Atorias of the Abyss DLC. It's finally happening, and it is certainly glorious.

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Nintendo Switch had a great first year, full of exclusives and third party games. It will cost $39.99 on consoles while the price for the PC version is yet to be confirmed. Keep your eyes locked to TiX, and you may see some Dark Souls content in the leading up to the launch of Dark Souls: Remastered.

Dark Souls Remastered, as its aptly been named, is set for release on the Switch on May 25th. This studio will reportedly utilize Dark Souls 3 technology when upgrading the original game's lighting and effects. The remastered version will offer 1080p graphics for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (docked, undocked will be 720p), and 4K on the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and PC. The standard multiplayer system will remain, with support for up to six players at once and access to nine different covenants. Some games try to scare you with bump-in-the-night shocks and far-off howls, but Dark Souls doesn't require such predictable methods of terror.

There has been no official confirmation of this from Dark Souls publisher Bandai Namco.

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