Dead koala found 'screwed' to post in Australian park

Find the culprits: Australia outraged over picture showing dead koala 'screwed to post'

Dead koala found 'screwed' to post at Australian park

It is unknown whether the poor koala was dead or alive or not before the incident occurred. It seems that there are some who look for new and horrific ways to be cruel to defenceless animals.

Australian police are investigating after a koala was discovered screwed to a wooden post by staff at a local animal shelter.

Condemnation has flooded into the koala rescue group while forensic experts conduct tests on the tragic creature's body to see if it was still alive when effectively crucified.

Koala Rescue Queensland posted a picture of the animal on its Facebook page. They need then to cop the full force of the law. It's heartbreaking to imagine the suffering of this poor dear koala! It gives the location as a lookout at Brooloo Park, 85 miles north of the city of Brisbane in Queensland state.

Animal cruelty carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison or fines of up to A$252,300 (€165,133) in Queensland.

He added: "I feel sick, like throwing up".

Told Senior Sergeant Pierre Senekal, 'Police are now investigating the matter'.

"If it was proved that somebody did inflict injuries that caused the koala to die they will be charged with animal cruelty and possibly even worse under the criminal code", he said.

The koala's cause of death has not yet been determined; however, its fur was covered in dry blood at the time of discovery. Aan is to undergo an operation that could restore her sight.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty called the incident "incredibly disturbing" in comments to the media.

Koalas are one of Australia's major tourist attractions and are often inaccurately described as bears, but are in fact marsupials, a mammal whose young are suckled in a pouch.

Many are having to now endure the extreme heat of one of the hottest summers on record while the species also faces long term declines because of the loss of their eucalyptus forest haunts.

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