DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Buster Swords On To PSN Today

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Screenshots

DISSIDIA: Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Buster Swords On To PSN Today

Boot up the PlayStation Store right now and you should be able to find the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta, which you can download ahead of its start time this weekend. The first session is already under way until January 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

The description for the open beta test reads, "Take control of heroes and villains from across the Final Fantasy pantheon and battle it out for glory and victory".

2pm PT/4pm CT/5pm ET on January 18 through 1pm PT/3pm CT/4pm ET on January 21.

Fans of the game can explore the aforementioned new features in "a special launch program" on February 2, when Producer Hiroaki Kato and Director Takashi Katan will answer fans' questions from Twitter. Character customization is also added in the open beta.

Dissidia Final Fantasy was developed in partnership with Team Ninja from Koei Tecmo Games.

With the huge success of the high def remastering of Final Fantasy XII on the Playstation 4 a year ago, Square Enix have announced that PC gamers will be able to visit the world of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on the 1st February. Gamers will also witness powerful summons in the open beta.

The full version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is due to drop on the PlayStation 4 starting January 30th at the end of the month.

In Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age war has come to the world thanks to the large empires of Archadia and Rozarria and the small kingdom of Dalmasca has got caught in the middle with both empires casting their eyes over the advantages this kingdom brings.

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