Fire officials investigating cause of Redding apartment fire

A wolf spider waits for prey outside its hiding place. Source Getty

A wolf spider waits for prey outside its hiding place. Source Getty

The fire wasn't enough to completely destroy the apartment, but the extent of the damage has forced the residents to move out.

A man on a mission to kill a large spider has set his home on fire, after trying to hunt the arachnid down with a mini blowtorch.

She said that the man attempted to kill the spider with a torch lighter, a more powerful and pressurized version of a standard lighter.

Redding fire chief told BBC that they are investigating the cause of the fire and the information about the spider is a part of the probe.

It's unclear if the spider survived. The residents managed to put the mattress fire out, but not before it had spread to a flag collection and drapes.

The residents in the apartment, Wisegarver and the two men, are going to have to find another place to live as the place is uninhabitable, Pitt said.

Redding Fire Department has been contacted for comment.

A witness living in the flat where the fire occurred told a local newspaper that the burning spider may have spread the fire across the apartment itself.

Using a torch lighter to fry a spider is being blamed for a small apartment fire in Redding.

The attempt turned to disaster, however, when the flaming spider fled into a mattress, setting it on fire.

Wisegarver said she had been thinking about moving out anyway and the fire had just sped up the process.

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