Google Pay rollout begins with latest Play Services beta

Alphabet streamlines its mobile wallet app for improved offering

Google Pay Payments Platform Launched, Integrates Android Pay and Google Wallet

"With Google Pay, it'll be easier for you to use the payment information saved to your Google Account, so you can speed through checkout with peace of mind", VP of Product Management, Payments writes on Google's official blog.

According to an article yesterday published by Yonhap News Agency, LG is reportedly releasing its LG Pay service in the USA by June. Even Android Pay, which was recently combined with Google Wallet to form Google Pay, is in 17 countries and can be used on Android devices with NFC functionality. While CES was ongoing half a world away, over at Korea LG revealed its plans to bring its existing LG Pay system to the U.S. by the middle of 2018 but with a confusing name change.

LG G7's mentioning in LG Wallet app. To recall, Android Pay was launched back in 2015 as way to make payments at stores, but soon expanded to get in-app purchase support and integration with mobile banking apps. Android Pay has yet to be updated with the new branding, while Google Wallet is still available.

Google Pay is a new brand that combines the services Android Pay and Google Wallet. To provide better services and probably compete at the same level with its rivals, Google today announced a new product called Google Pay.

The tech giant said it is expanding the mobile payment system function, from premium devices to its K10 smartphone and other mid-range mobile phones this year. More importantly, Google Pay, will (hopefully) make mobile payments less confusing in the days to come. LG has already released an app with that very same name on the Google Play Store. Now, it's back, and word from the company proper is that it's finally coming to the United States, and just in time for summer. Samsung is LG's biggest competition in South Korea, even more so than Apple or Google.

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