Halo Live-Action TV Series "Still in Development" Says Showtime CEO

Showtime insists Steven Spielberg's Halo TV show is still in the works

Waiting for the Halo show has us like

Levine wouldn't respond to questions about the time period in which the show might take place within Halo lore or answer anything about when we may finally see or hear more about the series. Well, according to a couple of executives from Showtime, it's still happening despite an overwhelming silence surrounding the project. However, David Nevins, the Big Cheese at Showtime, has assured fans that the show is still very much in the pipeline. "Nevins' response was brief, but he did confirm it was still in existence simply saying, "[It's] still in very active development". After all, Nevins has seen scripts! At this point, many were speculating whether the TV series had fallen apart similar to when Microsoft was trying to make a Halo movie with Neill Blomkamp which later became District 9.

Showtime has confirmed, once again, that the Halo TV series produced by Steven Spielberg has not been cancelled. "I'm encouraged by what we've seen so far", he said, adding that development was still moving forward and would satisfy both Halo fans and regular viewers.

No cast has yet been announced for the show, along with writers or any other names outside of Spielberg. It seems doubtful the series would revolve around the adventures of Master Chief, since those stories are usually reserved for the games themselves. And remember, Halo 5 shipped in 2015. Are you excited about a Halo TV show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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