Harvey Weinstein Accusers Claim They Weren't Invited to Golden Globes

Actor Rose Mc Gowan raises her fist after addressing the audience during the opening session of the three-day Women's Convention at Cobo Center in Detroit Michigan U.S

Harvey Weinstein Accusers Claim They Weren't Invited to Golden Globes

Actress Rose McGowan has parlayed her rape accusation against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein into a new brand of activism.

She has also been calling out Hollywood stars that she considers to be hypocritical by name.

McGowan is known for giving zero fucks, a stance that has continued as the reckoning against sexual harassment and assault has unfolded.

McGowan separated herself from Hollywood's anti-misconduct Time's Up initiative, saying she doesn't believe change will come from those who hold power in the industry. "I want to hear from her". "I know where they have their meetings, I know who's sponsoring it". But she added that she faces the sale of her house to pay "legal bills fighting off the monster".

Before taking the stage at the TV critics press tour on Tuesday, Rose McGowan urged the reporters in attendance not to ask any "rude or combative" questions, and not to mention "the name we all know". You gave me the courage to speak out. "No, I do not forgive".

Rose first spoke out about her alleged ordeal to the New York Times newspaper, who allegedly obtained legal documents stating that the $100,000 payout agreed between Weisntein and Rose was "not to be construed as an admission" by Weinstein, but meant to "avoid litigation and buy peace". "I have no time for Hollywood fakery, but you I love, .@AsiaArgento #RoseArmy", she said online. She said she was also not approached to sign a letter to show her support, Page Six notes.

Rose McGowan will not stand silent any longer. Consequently, the five-part docuseries filmed McGowan when the New York Times and New Yorker exposes of Weinstein were published.

The actor has been one of the loudest and most consistent voices speaking out about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

"Citizen Rose" premieres with a two-hour special on January 30, followed by a five-part docu-series in the spring that will follow McGowan as she prepares to release her memoir, "Brave", marshals her social media following, dubbed #RoseArmy, and travels around the world pursuing social change.

"My father said I was born with my fist up". "Let me hang out awhile, maybe that will change".

Frances Berwick, who oversees E! as president of Lifestyles Networks for NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, addressed the issue after McGowan's Q&A.

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