Hoda Kotb Named 'Today' Co-anchor Replacing Matt Lauer

Hoda Kotb's New Today Salary Might Shock You — & Not in a Good Way

Here's How Hoda Kotb's 'Today' Show Salary Compares to Matt Lauer's

It was really a no-brainer to hire Kotb as Lauer's replacement.

We have learned that even though Hoda Kotb has taken over the vacant Today spot left by the disgraced Matt Lauer following his scandal and firing, the woman is making significantly less money than he used to! NBC announced yesterday that Kotb would be taking over the position permanently, but Kotb confirmed to People that her paycheck will only be a fraction of what Lauer used to make for the same position.

"Hoda isn't complaining about the money", a source told Page Six. Lauer's astronomical salary also could reflect the 25 years he was on the show, the insider added. If things go well, Hoda could ask for more next time if she re-ups her contract.

Haters aside, Kotb is thrilled by her new role. She joined the network in 1998, first as a correspondent on the "Dateline" newsmagazine.

Hoda Kotb's New Today Salary Might Shock You — & Not in a Good Way

She married former University of New Orleans tennis coach Burzis Kanga in 2005 and the couple divorced two years later, the same year Kotb underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer.

NBC's Today Show gets a new host with Hoda Kotb permanently replacing Matt Lauer. "It's 2018 and we are kicking off the year right because Hoda is officially the co-anchor of "Today". I say measly, though, because a.no-good Megyn Kelly (whose hour on the "Today" show is a garbage fire) makes $20 million and b.

Hoda Kotb may have just landed Matt Lauer's old job, but she didn't land his hefty paycheck. Though Hoda was just given the coveted co-anchor job on Tuesday, Jan. 2, she's been with the network for almost 10 years since joining in 2008. "I misunderstood. Have a great day".

A representative for the "Today" show said the organization doesn't comment on talent contracts. Kotb, the longtime host of Today's fourth hour with Kathie Lee Gifford, also has excellent chemistry with Guthrie. As one Twitter user pointed out on Wednesday afternoon, if you do the math, Kotb is making 28 percent of Lauer's old salary. 28. Per. I wondered if now would be the time to subvert the formula of "male host/female host" that every morning show has (as do most news shows in general) and *gasp* have two female hosts! Certain texts popped up, and there was one from Matt: "'Congratulations!' He said some nice words", Kobt told E! on Tuesday. I wanted to feel good throughout.

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